Some of our current tenants at The Square have been with us for over 30 years and some are just establishing themselves and their business. All are equally passionate about change.

Skullfades Barbers

We are starting to see a real difference here

Skullfades Barbershop is a modern friendly barbershop, offering the latest trends in barbering. Their shop is the centre of the community and people from all walks of life come to receive a great service, performed to a high standard by skilled friendly staff.

The team at Skullfades have taken a real interest in the changes happening within Sale and see themselves right at the heart of it.

“We get a real mixture of people in here and all are equally positive about wanting to see change in the area. There’s already a few things starting to happen, so long may it continue”

Time for Bed The Meehans

We feel a sense of pride
in the area of Sale

The Meehans are a family of Sale residents and have been part of the Shopping Centre for twenty years. Our customers have embraced the personal service offered by multiple generations and ensured a good night’s sleep for the people of Sale!

Sue Ryder Charity Shop Lexi

We give people a chance
to find themselves

Lexi has been involved with the Sue Ryder charity shop for a few years now. She prides herself on being part of a close knit community.

‘We all really look after each other round here and the people of Sale are easily the best part of the area’.

The Sue Ryder charity shop is a place for people to come to, whether it’s to shop, browse or simply pass some time. It’s a place for anyone and everyone.

Denim & Art Emma & Amanda

This has been
such a good experience

For years Amanda and Emma talked about how they could bring their talents together and collaborate to create an unconventional retail experience.

When approached with the opportunity to be part of the ‘pop-up’ initiative it quickly developed into an ‘atelier style’ workshop with a unique chance to purchase craft denim and art pieces directly from Emma and Amanda

Denim & Art has been an instant hit with the local community and further reinforced Sale’s love for arts and culture.

Boots Julie

Sale is a place of familiarity

Born and raised in Sale, Julie has worked with Boots in The Square for 16 years. The recent introduction of the Makers Market along with the proposed changes in the Shopping Centre have created a lot of excitement amongst the community and is one of the most remarkable things to happen in the town for a long time. It’s brought people together. It’s change that is needed and the consensus is the community is waiting for it to happen.