The people of Sale love where they live but they want more from their town centre.

We understand.

We want you to be vocal. We want your ideas.

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Sale is well connected and easy to get around. There needs more choice when it comes to food and places to eat. It needs to get back to the days of having a bakers, a butchers and a local grocery.

Craig Bradley / Resident

I’ve lived here all my life. There’s great transport links and schools, plus loads to do with children. There just needs to be some more decent places to eat and a few more indie shops.

Claire Higham / Resident

Sale has such potential but it needs to be opened up and made easier to get around the centre.

Rasheed Ayodola / Resident

There’s loads to do with kids here in Sale. But we could always do with more. Would appreciate more choice on food destinations.

Rizwana Yakub / Resident

There’s such a good mix of people in Sale. The area would definitely benefit from a more afforadble grocery or bakers. Something a bit more independent and local.

Jabob Cartwright / Resident